T1 Pro Magnetic Race Number Belt

T1 Pro Magnetic Race Number Belts

We have engineered the world's fastest race belt with it’s revolutionary magnetic buckle that will make your triathlon transitions lightning fast.

    Everything you wanted in a race number belt is now in one award winning belt.

    • Worlds Fastest

    The T1 Pro Magnetic Race Number Belt is the world's only magnetic race belt. It’s magnetic buckle is fast, reliable and designed for speed in transition.
    • Lightweight

    At only 28 grams, the T1 Pro Magnetic buckle remains uncompromisingly fast. The alternative T1 Light Clip buckle for the running community weighs in at 10 grams.

      • Strong

      The T1 Pro Magnetic buckle uses super strong neodymium magnets and can hold up to 10lbs of pressure. You can rest assured your belt is secure.
      • Race Ready

      Your race number sheet is held on fully adjustable sliders that fit sheets both large and small. Lace locks and durable nylon cords ensure your race number stays safe and secure.
      • Polymer Gripper System

      The first of it’s kind in the industry, the T1 Pro Polymer Gripper System prevents your race belt from moving around your body. A thin strip of polymer gripper system runs along the inside of the belt, comfortably and gently holding it in place.(Only on Gel Versions)
      • Gel Loops

      8 elastic loops (4 on each side) allow for easy placement of your gels, inhaler or anything you want readily available. Whether you are training or racing, you’ll be set.
      • Fitted For You

      The T1 Pro Race Belt is the most comfortable race number belt you will ever own! It is fully adjustable and is one-size-fits-most on adults. The non-gel belts can be adjusted to fit kids ages 6 and up. The premium fabric webbing is soft and comfortable.