Our Story

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Our Story

My name is Brian Mansker, and in 1998, I did my first triathlon and from the first swim stroke I was hooked on the sport. I started to race every time I could get away. As I traveled, I fell in love with the triathlon community, and some of my closest friends came from my experiences during this time. As I started a family and a career I was limited on the races I could travel to, but I never lost the passion for the sport of Triathlon.

When my oldest child, Coral, became old enough to race in kids triathlons, she was on board from the beginning. Being in a year-round swim program at Drury University since she was 4, she was eager to try this sport that involved swimming. One of her first races was in Nixa, Missouri (one of the greatest run smaller races around!). While there, she had an amazing experience and met an avid, young triathlete named Hannah. Hannah’s parents told us about the Ironkids triathlon series, and from the first race, our entire family was hooked.

Eventually, my son, Cameron, started racing and in 2009 he participated in the Ironkids National Qualifier in Oklahoma City. Even as he came out of the water second and family and friends were cheering him on, it broke my heart as I had to stand by and watch him fumble with his race belt. He’s a very competitive kid and knows that every second counts in the transition area, so as he struggled to get it buckled and lost several seconds, he left on the bike noticeably frustrated.

After that race, I started watching people in the transition area and noticed that almost everyone struggled with the race belts, no matter if they were 8 or 80. I started searching the internet for a better race belt that did not have the cheap plastic snap buckle. To my surprise, every race belt on the market used some form of that plastic buckle. That is when I set out to make the best and fastest magnetic race belt in the world. I started to build prototypes and came up with the perfect race belt after about 20 different prototypes. At that point, I wanted to fast track this belt and started calling friends to help me make this dream a reality. I called my friend Scott, an engineer, and he was excited about this project. After calling a patent attorney, we were well on on our way to making this happen.

After a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of testing and racing with prototypes, we can now introduce the worlds fastest race belt, the T1 Pro Race Belt. It has 26 lbs. of pulling pressure in the magnetic buckle, and it allows for any athlete to quickly put it on. My own kids have not lost any more precious time in the transition area fumbling with the race belt! My wife, Dawn, and our three kids (Coral, Cameron, and Karis) have a passion for the sport of Triathlon, and we can’t wait for you to experience the speed of the T1 Pro Race Belt!